The Experience



First, let’s talk goals! What final result are we shooting for and how will we plan it? From what to wear, to how images will be displayed, location planning, look and feel of the session etc. The pre-consultation answers ALL of your questions and helps me get to know your family. Together, we will coordinate how we capture the session with what the final outcome will be. Your session is carefully planned and fully designed. Pre-consults can take place in-person or via Skype/Facetime. Great portraits begin with a great relationship. Tell me about your home, and your vision and I’ll add in my creativity to make it happen.


Sessions In home or ON-LOCATION

Sessions can be somewhat stressful for families. From wondering if the kids will behave, to agonizing over what to wear, and convincing dad that it won’t be “that bad,”  it may have been challenging for you in the past. Sessions with TLP are anything but stressful. Fun-filled, happy and relaxed, I don’t care about crazy kids! As a matter a fact, the crazier, the better for their real personality (the one you love most) will come out. In my 8 years of experience with kids, I've seen it all and can handle anything kids throw at me (literally). 

Sessions take place in your home where everyone is comfortable and familiar. Please don't worry about cleaning every nook and cranny! I'm a mother of three little boys! I get it, life is messy sometimes. My goal is to capture your littles in their favorite spots within your home. Capture your family snuggled on the couch or bed. Baking cookies, getting messy, and embracing who you are as a family! 

When the weather is warmer, let’s take it outside! Sessions at one of Omaha's great nature trails, make for some amazing and unique images, especially if the location is special to you. So consider carefully where you’d like to have your session, or I can recommend a spot for you. I focus the experience around just that, an amazing experience. 



The Viewing & Ordering Appointment is the time when you get to see all the fruits of the session pay off. Your images are displayed via iPad Pro, or hooked directly to your home TV screen, together we design the right art piece for your home. This is the time when you will finalize your portrait order, so be sure to pick a time where both mom and dad can be there without the kiddos around. I typically arrive after the kids are in bed, so no need to call the sitter! I’ll help you sort through the images and make final decisions on what will look best within your space. I'll show you actual size, and pair images together for a stunning album, or wall gallery. But what about digital files for my social media? Don't worry, social media files are complimentary with each art piece and album purchased! Specializing in wall series and heirloom albums, some of the products I offer are truly one-of-a-kind. All of them are sure to get you excited about what lies ahead!




And that’s not the end! My families often come to me year after year. As your children grow and change, it will be time to update your portraits. So right from the start we plan, knowing that more may come. The next time you work with me, we’ll create art that coordinates with sessions past, so you can build onto what we’ve already created, year after year.