Unique, intimate, Memorable

One of the most important days you and the love of your life will share together. Also one of the most important to preserve and remember!

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INTIMATE, Self Love, Stunning

Slip into something a bit more you! Boudoir allows you to really shine in a intimate and real way. Whether the session is for that special someone, or just because, it doesn't matter! You are beautiful and deserve to be pampered, and shown visually just how gorgeous you really are! 



Whether this is your first, second or fifth child, this milestone in life is a big one! Enjoy loving moments that will last a lifetime. Location of your choice.  



A time to hang out with the ones you love the most and enjoy a fun session at home, studio, or location of your choice! Home sessions are highly encouraged as your kids want photos of them in their home! Promise, you will too.



Silly, adventurous, Exciting

Kids will be kids! Capture their favorite stuffed animal, their "go to" wardrobe, the messy faces, and their favorite bedtime story. Childhood is fleeting, relive these memories for years to come! The most cherished memories are the day to day.


New Baby


A new baby is a new chapter in life, celebrate those fleeting moments with a snuggly warm, new baby session. Usually 2 hours and includes mommy & daddy as well as any big brothers or sisters! This session can take place in home, hospital or studio. 


Since moving to Japan, we’ve had the worst luck with booking photographers (unprofessional, to keep it short) and finally got some family pics done yesterday. The last time this happened is when Twisted Lens did my maternity session. Anyway, the sneak peek was posted and I asked my husband if he liked it and he says, “Yes, but it’s just not Twisted Lens. You got me hooked on her work.” I said, “Trust me, if she were here we would’ve booked her.” So I’m writing to say we miss Twisted Lens and if you have her available to use don’t take it for granted, because photographers like her are hard to come by!!!
— Lillian Robertson